The unlucky canine drifted into a deep slumber, only to be caught in the python’s clutches, leaving him breathless. The unforeseen turn in this story adds to its gripping intrigue

 A 38-pound African rock python strangled Duke, a 60-pound Siberian husky, in a tragic event in Florida. The hapless dog breathed its last breaths in the family's garden on August 30 as the serpent twisted around its neck. Despite the fact that 911 was contacted, Duke died within five minutes.

It is uncertain when the hazardous snake entered the Miami neighborhood southeast of Tamiami Trail and Krome Avenue, where snakes were multiplying. According to the homeowner, her son attempted to save Duke using gardening scissors but failed due to the snake's strength. Such instances are infrequent in the community, and the homeowner recommended everyone to exercise caution, particularly when dealing with young children.

It's unclear when the python appeared in the backyard of a Miami home near Tamiami Trail and Krome Avenue, where a snake colony had been reproducing.

According to CBS Miami, a distressing occurrence involving a pet python and a dog occurred at the house of an alleged killer. The unidentified dog's owner sought to free their pet from the serpent's clutches by chopping it with scissors.

The blood on the floor, on the other hand, was eventually identified as python blood. Jose R. Rojas, the accused, had been charged the previous year with severe torture and the death of his employer and coworker.

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