Dumped Doggie Was Struggling To Survive And How Could We Leave Him In Such a Situation

 The bikers were riding by carelessly. He tried but couldn't get up!

The rescue learned about a dog that was spotted near a pet store, according to Little Puppy - Rescue Channel. Despite the heavy traffic, they arrived as soon as possible.

They were taken aback to discover the dog, clearly dead on the ground, and the people were simply watching the spectacle! They weren't convinced that he had died, so they tried CPR, but his soul had already left.

A bystander alerted them to the presence of a puppy, presumably his brother. The rescue team rushed to the location that had been provided. They noticed a puppy lying on the ground drinking sewer water.

They couldn't hold back the tears! Motorcycles whizzed by with no regard. He attempted to stand but was unable to do so! His leg was in pain, and it could have been broken!

He was wrapped in a blanket and driven to the Vet Clinic, where he was fed and cared for.

His back leg was severely injured, but he will recover and be able to run again with proper care and exercise.

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