Heartbreaking as it is, a dog with a huge tumor on her head was abandoned on the streets, but three consecutive hospitals have refused treatment


Do you believe in the power of light? We are your lighthouse! You have to come on, Xiao Fu! Please recharge your batteries. You will be OK. It will undoubtedly improve."

A month ago, the volunteers received a distressing call. They were alerted to a dog laying by the side of the road, which would surprise anyone. This unfortunate dog was unkempt, had a big tumor on his chest, and drooled all the time. Despite the grave circumstances, the dog approached with coquettish charm.

The volunteers wasted no time in rushing to its aid. The dog's past must have been terrible, but it had survived till now. They rushed it to the hospital for emergency care.

This brave dog, now known as Xiao Fu, wagged its tail despite its suffering. The degree of the tumor's bone deterioration was disclosed during the medical examination. The condition was grave, and the doctor suggested that therapy might be out of the question.

Undeterred, the volunteers sought additional perspectives and took Xiao Fu to various hospitals. Finally, they discovered a hospital that was willing to try treatment. The bright eyes of Xiao Fu reflected its will to live, and its condition improved with each passing day.

Xiao Fu's quest was not without difficulties. It was given a blood transfusion and subjected to thorough testing. The volunteers were occasionally uncertain and discouraged, but they refused to give up. They had faith in Xiao Fu's fighting spirit.

A CT scan, on the other hand, produced disastrous consequences. The tumor had spread throughout its brain, causing damage to vital nerves and bones. The volunteers persisted despite the fact that surgery was not an option. They discovered Xiao Fu had vascular fibroma, a type of cancer that could be treated with medicine.

Xiao Fu's therapy continued, and two months later, it had gained weight and was getting the care it needed. Its future was unknown, but because to the love and assistance it received, Xiao Fu was able to live each day guilt-free, surrounded by warmth and dedication.

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