She Gave Birth Without Eating For A Month, Iterally Devoured By Worms

The owner died more than a month ago. Her son abandoned her as well; we assume she was about to give birth because the babies are numerous if they survive a month. She gave birth and fasted for a month there.

We have no idea how she or those two insignificant soldiers managed to survive. Worms physically devoured her while she was trapped on her mother's breast, devoid of milk and suffering from severe anemia. Despite the fact that her illness makes it difficult for her to move, she was ecstatic when she was finally free.

Last night, we went looking for her. Imagine the stench all over her rotting flesh. She was shriveling up.

We administered first aid, medicated, administered saline, sanitized, and removed any possible worms. She also gave him permission to use the mattress. She wouldn't eat or drink anything. We weren't sure if the larger insect had gotten into her throat or if it had perforated her jaw, preventing her from doing it.

She also has a scab on her hip and small bugs on her gum, pear, hand, and hip... Her situation is dire.We looked after babies who, thankfully, were not bug-infested. They have only begun to eat. We dewormed them and treated them with flea powder.

This story of survival and compassion reminds us of the power of kindness in the face of unimaginable adversity.

We can make a difference by bringing life and hope to those who need it the most.

Let us share this story to encourage others to be compassionate, because every living being deserves a better tomorrow.

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