The poor dog was left bewildered in the middle of the deserted street with the words: Unlucky dog – Help me! making everyone see them can’t hold back their tears

 That is the text message sent by the owner before abandoning the puppy. The lonely puppy is lying near the rock, but her gaze is always drawn to the path's end. When her owner abandons her and refuses to return to pick her up.

Hope For Pets was contacted after a neighbor discovered the abandoned puppy. She was afraid of dogs and didn't dare to approach. The puppy has been left there since early in the morning.

Many people in the area were interviewed by the rescue team, but no one knew anything about her. A stranger had abandoned her and chained her to the stone. They returned to their home because they were afraid of being pursued.

The puppy is perfectly healthy, but her body stinks and she requires cleaning.

Hundreds of people were outraged after she used the phrase "Unlucky Puppy - Help Me!" on social media to get information about her ownef!

Dogs are man's closest companions; they are always beside us and defend us, sharing our daily joys and sorrows. So don't label them Unlucky Dog and ignore them!

That is totally unacceptable and heinous behavior! Hope For Pets is still on the lookout for information on the deceitful owner.

If you know anything about her! We hope to find the perpetrator soon because justice must always be served. To bring them to justice before the law!

Please help her to tell her story!

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  • Anonymous October 10, 2023 at 9:24 AM

    Did anyone saved unlucky 😔 I pray it gotten a loving home


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